Why Guarantor Loans?

Guarantor loans are simply approved and serviced loans...

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Picking a Guarantor

Well, that’s the point, no? The primary reason why...

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Guarantor's Role

Having understood what we do, you must have realized...

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Choosing Your Lender

For the time being, your credit ratings become relatively less...

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Guarantor loans are simply approved and serviced loans, which allow you to take your credentials out of the equation and replace it with someone else's. Confused? It's simple. All you have to do is find someone who can tell the providers that you're okay and guarantee your loan. That's about it. Loan approved.

Got bad credit? Don't have any collateral? Known for defaulting? None of it matters. Just grab a friend, family member, colleague, or the guy you met at the subway if he is willing. Your guarantor can be anyone who is willing to put forward their name and vouch for you. Seems easy? It really is.

Well, that's the point, no? The primary reason why you shouldn't go for bad credit loans is because of their high rates. You need help, not something that further puts you into a position you can't get out of. That's why we are here to help you get a guarantor loan. These loans are very reasonably priced, with minimal requirements that you have to fulfill.

The cost structure is basically the same - you pay a pre-determined interest rate. These rates tend to differ between providers, but you needn't worry. Our comparison tools are directed towards helping you find your perfect pick. Got a limited budget? No worries. Our tools will help you find the cheapest guarantor loan in the market. Period.

For the time being, your credit ratings become relatively less important. It is the credit ratings of your guarantor the providers look towards. But since you are getting the loan, this is an opportunity for you to improve. By taking advantage of this chance, you can be prompt with your payments and adequately meet all your obligations. This will eventually start to reflect on your credit report, and one day you will not need guarantor loans.

Why Real Time London Loans?

Having understood what we do, you must have realized the importance of having something that allows you to compare different loans and helps you figure out just the loan to buy. However, with different comparison websites being formed, why go for us? For starters, we offer quality comparison tools you will not find anywhere else. Our tools help you analyze the offering, the rate, and all the terms you should be aware of. At the same time, we offer you utmost transparency, giving you exactly what you see. No hidden costs or fees that you are not aware of. If that's not enough, our dedication to serve you to the best of our ability is visible by our extremely dedicated customer service team's efforts in helping you in each and every stage up ‘til the stage where you finally paid back the loan. It doesn't get any better.

Picking A Guarantor

Ultimately, the choice comes down to you if you're lucky enough to have a few different people willing to be your guarantor. However, you must make them aware of the responsibilities of being one, while also running a check to see whether they are eligible to be your guarantor. The requirements tend to be identical from one provider to another. So, it is easy for you to make the comparison.

There are quite a few requirements that anyone willing to be your guarantor must fulfill. He or she must:

1. Be over the age of 21

2. Be a resident of the UK

3. Be a house owner in the UK

4. Not be directly financially linked to you. Your spouse, therefore, doesn't qualify.

5. Be able to show a satisfactory credit rating

Guarantor's Role

Providers look towards credit ratings to assess your creditworthiness. With bad credit, you're portrayed as high risk, and thus, you land rejection after rejection. So how do you convince the provider that you are in fact worthy of the loan you applied for? You get someone else to vouch for you. The role of your guarantor, therefore, is that of someone who put their name forward and guarantee your loan. While the actual process requires a formal signing up as a guarantor, the meaning of the arrangement is basically saying ‘this person is okay, you can take my word and reputation for it.'

Choosing Your Lender

That's exactly why we are here. At Real Time London Loans, we exist to serve you. Our comparison tools are always at your service, using which will help you go through all the different guarantor loans in the market. Our affiliation with the leading providers in the market allows us to get you deals that you wouldn't be able to secure by yourself. Guess what? Your guarantor is not the only one vouching for you.